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Mon May 22: Mark Inglis; Undercover Economist; Team Talk; Ben Harper

Mark Inglis
When he became the first double amputee to reach the top of Mt. Everest he attained hero status. But Mark Inglis has paid a price for that endeavour, and it's not just his original broken prosthetic. His fingers are frost-bitten and his leg stumps raw and bleeding from the descent, a descent which included sliding down some of the world's highest peak on sleeping bags behind a yak. This is a remarkable man. John Sellwood journeyed to Kathmandu to greet Mark when returned triumphant from his history making climb. This is his exclusive report.

The Undercover Economist
Tim Harford is not your typical economist. In fact he's more pop than economist, and a pretty subversive one at that. So what is Harford doing giving advice on dating and relationships, and saying that there is an economic theory behind leaving the toilet seat up? Mark caught up with Tim Harford today, the man who calls himself an undercover economist.

Ben Harper
Ben Harper is huge here. We met him last month when his new album "Two Sides of the Gun" was released. Ben is in Auckland tonight playing one acoustic show. But whenever he's in town he likes to increase his collection of body art. So today Ben spent seven hours being tattooed by renowned artist Gordon Toi Hatfield, and he finally has his upper body's moko completed. We have a performance by Ben Harper.