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Mon Mar 28: Folic Acid; Trade and Exchange; Ben Harper

Folic Acid
It's one of the major milestones in life - starting a family. And couples naturally want to make sure they're doing everything to ensure they have a healthy baby. Well for Wendy Holgate and husband James with two young boys, they thought having number three would've been just as easy. Wendy's read the baby books, talked to the medical experts and was taking folic acid pills to prevent spina bifida but that's when they discovered they hadn't been properly informed.  Laurna White with their story.

Trade and Exchange
We've heard much about Trade Me lately as it slips into Australian ownership for a cool $700 million but in amongst the brou ha ha a kiwi icon - the first business to offer free private advertising in both paper and internet form - plugs away. Trade & Exchange, the staple of the corner dairy tucked in between Best Bets and the Property Trader, is still a multi-million dollar business with a loyal readership despite the bruising it's sustained under the Trade Me onslaught. Dita de Boni looks at the trials and tribulations of Trade & Exchange at the 25 year mark.

Ben Harper
He's a black American musician who's embraced New Zealand so much he's had his upper body tattooed in a moko design. Ultimately, he wants to live here. And in turn New Zealand has embraced Ben Harper - New Zealanders buy more of his albums than anywhere else in the world. Last week, he released his 6th solo album, Both Sides of the Gun. It went gold almost immediately and when we checked today it was just short of platinum. That's nearly 15,000 albums sold in a week. So what's the love affair between Ben Harper and Aotearoa all about? We sent Robyn Janes to Los Angeles to find out.