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Mon Feb 14: Formula; Karen Walker; IHC Ball

The Tragedy of Baby Linnea
Ian Sinclair reports on the tragic case of premature baby Linnea Baillie, who developed a fatal strain of meningitis after being fed a powdered Formula not recommended for premature babies or those with undeveloped immune systems. International health organisations began issuing warnings about the inherent dangers of using unsterile Formula on prem babies two years ago - why hadn't Waikato Hospital heard them?

Karen Walker Flies Solo
She's shown as part of a group show at London Fashion Week before, but this year star Kiwi designer Karen Walker had her own show as part of the main event. How did it go? Lisa Owen goes behind the scenes and finds out.

Special Smiles
It's the best day of the year for the IHC - the annual ball. Connie Buchanan joins a group of Wellington ball-goers as they dress up and hit the dance floor on their big night out.