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Mark Sainsbury

Published: 11:12AM Friday July 02, 2004

Mark Sainsbury is the presenter of Close Up.

Working fulltime on Close Up has meant changes to Sainsbury's personal and professional life. 

The staunch Wellingtonian is based in Auckland and now has regular working hours, after a career which has seen him work through the night as TV ONE's European Correspondent, do seven days a week on the political beat, and in 2006 combine working as support host of Close Up with his late night talk show About Now.

"Close Up is a terrific show put together by a wonderful team," says Mark Sainsbury.  "It's one of the great jobs in Current Affairs.  I enjoy working on the show immensely and I'm very much looking forward to putting my own stamp on it."

"We have a really strong team of reporters and producers who I have worked with over the last couple of years and a show that works and has done really well."