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Fri June 10: Museum Exhibition; Small Boy; Dancing with Stars PR

Exhibition Proves Love Legend
An exhibition at the Auckland War Memorial Museum of taonga may confirm the legend of Hinemoa and Tutanakei. And if music be the song of love, play on. Ian Sinclair reports.

Little Kid with a Big Heart
Rhys MacPherson was born with a growth disorder that means he's a mere 15 kg at six years old. But as Hadyn Jones discovers, being little doesn't mean he's a kid in the background.

Dancing with the Stars and Their PR
Dancing with the Stars is down to its final three couples and they're all doing their darnedest to get as many votes as possible. That includes shameless publicity at every opportunity. After all, it's as much about the person as the performance it seems. Jendy Harper hits the Dance circuit and we reveal never before seen footage of Tim Shadbolt in 1969.