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Fri Jan 21: Quakes; Toxic Garden; Surf Chicks; Library Update

STORY ONE - Capital Quakes

Over the past week there have been 12 earthquakes in the Wellington/Wairarapa regions. Kris Fa'afoi talks to Upper Hutt residents still shaking after a 5.5 quake this morning. And in the studio, Susan Wood talks to Dr Martin Reyners  from the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences about what the earthquakes mean, and whether they could mean the big one is imminent.

STORY TWO - Toxic Garden

Ian Sinclair visits the Whakatane garden of Sheryl Lewis. Sheryl says her garden has become toxic due to the sawdust brought home from the mill by her ex-husband - sawdust that was contaminated with pentacholophenol, which has dioxin as a by-product. There are claims those who have worked in the garden have suffered from rashes, deformities and even cancer.

STORY THREE - Surf Chicks

Robyn Janes looks at the increase in popularity of surfing amongst girls and women. Surfing women now number more than 65,000 and have spawned spin-off clothing labels like Roxy, the female equivalent of Quiksilver.


We update the story of Lee Simpson, who appeared on Close Up in November 2004. Simpson admitted to masterminding an elaborate scam to steal rare and irreplaceable New Zealand books from public libraries. He's now serving a five and a half year jail sentence.