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Claire Richards My Big Fat Wedding

Friday 9.30pm | TV ONE

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Friday at 9.35pm

An estimated 70% of women try to lose weight before they get married and Claire Richards, one fifth of superstar pop group Steps is no exception.

During her pop career she was the archetypal size 8 popstar.

But when the band split up she ballooned to a size 20.

Now with her wedding day looming, Claire must try and shift the weight and avoid being a fat bride.

In a revealing observational documentary we follow Claire's efforts to go from overweight couch potato to her dream size 12 in time for her wedding.

Claire tries to shed the pounds whilst battling her insatiable love of food, look after her baby and kick start her pop career. Along the way she attends a brutal bridal boot camp, faces the dreaded paparazzi on the red carpet and meets fellow brides that have lost weight before their big day.

Finally just days before her wedding she gets to try on her dream dress - but will it fit?