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Ep 5: In defense of make-up

This episodes starts with handyman John "Cocksy" Cocks tending to the pigs -  not the ones on the opposite team but the four-legged kind.

"I've taken the pigs on board," says Cocksy, as he fixes their broken trough.

Meanwhile, Cocksy's team member Suzanne Paul, wants to throw in the towel - she's had enough of farming life.

"I think I'm going to get more and more injuries.  I think if I was a horse, they would shoot me," Suzanne complains.  "This is so much harder than Celebrity Treasure Island.  I'm proud of myself for lasting this long.  I think this country life is very over-rated."

On the other team, league star Tawerau Nikau, tries to make sense of the girls on his team, ex-Miss New Zealand Amber Pebbles and TV presenter Julie White.  He's gob smacked that they put on make-up every morning when they are on the farm.  Julie defends her make-up wearing, saying it's strategy.

"We might scare the male animals if we have our make up on," she explains.

Amber's defence is much simpler. She says moisturising her face is a way of keeping clean.

As usual, the girls on the other team have something to say about their female opponents.

"I hope they make their minds up quicker than their faces," says Suzanne.

Host Matthew Ridge, announces the next Last Man Standing challenge.  Teams must throw eggs at each other, if they drop them or break them, then they are out.

Ex-All Black Zinzan Brooke gets in the way of opposition TV presenter Erika Takacs, making her drop her egg.  She is out, and is not a happy camper.

"Zinny definitely knows how to wind me up," she complains.  "He knows I'm competitive.  I don't like losing.  I can accept it, if it's a fair loss.  But if somebody gets in my way, then there will be fire spat".

Erika gets support from fellow team member Suzanne.  "I reckon if she would have been a bloke she would have punched his lights out."

But when Zinzan, tries the same trick on his wife Alison, she retaliates by kicking him in the shins.

Leaugeman, Tawera Nikau and Cocksy, play off for the power of elimination.  Tawera's league experience comes in handy as he catches the eggs thrown at him while Cocksy has to settle for second place.

In the parlour games, Julie invents a game where teams must intertwine themselves with a long piece of string anchored by a wooden spoon.

It's a close call, but Zinzan's team once again come away with the win.  The prize is a bottle of wine - and the chance to swap cabins.

Zinzan's team is delighted as they have been living like slobs in their abode, so they want the chance to live in cleaner and homely quarters.

Suzanne and the rest of her team are shocked.

"We're absolutely gutted.  We made that little place our home," she says.  "They've made there camp really crap and they will be moving into our camp and they will probably make that crap too".

But Alison and the team are not doing down without a fight.   They come up with a plan.  They will approach Zinzan's team and make them an offer - if Bin Inn win elimination they will not get rid of captain Zinzan.

When Alison approaches the team with the offer, Zinzan automatically says "no deal" and tells them to pack their bags.

"I can't believe Cocksy is just letting women rule the roost," says Zinzan.

Julie White then drops a bombshell.  She offers the other team a deal without consulting her team mates.  They get to keep their cabin only if the next time they win elimination; they eliminate someone from their own team.  Surprisingly, Alison and the rest of her gang agree.  Zinzan and Tawera try to renag on the deal, even getting Matthew Ridge involved, without success.  The deal was made to the disappointment of Zinzan and the rest of his team.

The looming elimination is scaring Erika.  She feels she will go due to her competitive streak.  And even though Suzanne wants to leave, she feels Tawerau will keep her on due to her being the weakest link.

Suzanne got her wish - Tawerau decided to send her off packing.

"I think she is the grandmother hen of the lot," says Tawerau.  "She's the backbone of the side.  Getting rid of her would definitely weaken and de-harmonize them."