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City Celebrity Country Nobody

Ep 3: City slickers become city slackers

This episode starts with a world first - former Miss New Zealand Amber Pebbles cooks breakfast.

"I'm a bad cook" Amber confesses. But she gets a boost from team mate and fellow country girl Julie White.  "Do a man's job," encourages Julie.  "Do a really, really bad job the first time and, you'll never be asked to cook again."

On the other team, they're having a better breakfast from a better cook - Ali Brooke.  As they feast on Pickets and jam, Erika scopes out the girls on the other side. 

"The boys are carrying that team at the moment.  They do everything. Our team takes more initiative," boasts Erika.

Meanwhile, Amber's cooked breakfast doesn't do anything to help boost team spirits.  Songstress Camilia starts to boss the team around.  The guys aren't impressed, especially team captain Zinzan Brooke.

"I was peeved off to say the least.  Her strength is bossing all the guys around," says an agitated Zinzan Brooke.  But a relentless Camelia isn't going to back down.

"I am known to be very opinionated and I don't see why not.  I'm not going to stand here and shut up.  If there's an idea in it or a better side to it, I'm going to open my yap,"  Camelia affirms.

Camillia and Zinzan try to negotiate with the other team much needed cream for the pavalova they won last week.  Even the opposing team had something to say about amillia's bossy antics.

"Camilia's got the biggest voice in the camp.  Get over yourself girl - you're not all that," complains Cocksy.

Host Matthew Ridge gears the teams up for their next challenge.  The celebrities must shoot at cans with a musket. The one who can tumble the most cans wins the right to eliminate someone at the next elimination.  The second place-getter gets immunity.

The girls shoot first - Erika Takacs, Julie White and Ali Brooke make it to the next round

The guys are up next, and despite their best efforts, none of the guys hit the cans.  Meaning that it is an all woman final.

"Male pride just took a beating!" host Ride screams at the guys.

The cut-throat women shoot-out was thrilling, but in the end it was Julie who prevailed.  She attributes her shooting skills to all those years at the Easter show.

The next morning, while Zinzan and the rest of the guys in his team are up early doing their chores, the girls are still in bed - getting their beauty sleep.  Of course, girls on the other team had something to say about that.

"It's not a health spa," Erika says.

Camillia gets another dig - this time from Suzanne Paul.  "She did that Pop Idol thing, she comes on there and she thinks she's on Farm Idol.  She's on Farm Idol alright - I-D-L-E."

In the next challenge teams must squeeze a pile of junk, and themselves through a tire in seven minutes.  The team with the most junk through wins.  As the two teams dismantle chairs, tires and all sorts of garbage, the game ends up in a tire.  For the tie breaker teams must race each other, through the tires and be the first over the finish line.  It is a tight race, but Suzanne Paul's head dive through the tire, and the men dragging her through the finish line, is what clinches the win for Daryl Halligan's team.  Zinzan's team watch in dismay as their opponents feast on their winnings - lamingtons, fish and chips and a bottle of coke.

At the elimination, everyone is anxious to know who Julie will get rid of. Even though her team discussed who they want eliminated from the opposition, Zinzan was sceptical that Julie would keep to the plans.

"To be nasty or not to be nasty is the question," Julie ponders before the elimination.

In the end, Julie sticks to the team plan and declares war against the other team by eliminating team captain Daryl Halligan.