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Christmas on TV ONE

Christmas 2009 on TV ONE

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New Year's Day at 7.30pm

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

The story takes place in the small town where the world's most wonderful sweets are made in the mysterious chocolate factory of Willy Wonka (GENE WILDER). 

Wonka decides to hide five Golden Tickets inside five candy bars with the winners receiving a trip through his factory and enough candy for a lifetime. 

One of the hopefuls is poor but honest Charlie Bucket (PETER OSTRUM), and he is encouraged by his Grandpa Joe (JACK ALBERTSON).

The first two winners are Augustus Gloop (MICHAEL BOLLNER), a fat boy who is always eating, and Violet Beauregarde (DENISE NICKERSON), who chews gum all day. 

Charlie's poor mother and grandparents buy him a candy bar but there is no Golden Ticket. 

The third and fourth winners are Veruca Salt (JULIE DAWN COLE), a spoiled rich girl, and rude Mike Teevee (PARIS THEMMEN), who watches TV all day. 

When the fifth winner is announced, Charlie's hopes are shattered.  But the winner turns out to be a fraud and Charlie eventually finds the fifth Golden Ticket!