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Christmas 2009 on TV ONE

ONE's Countdown to New Year

New Year's Eve at 10.30pm

Jason Gunn hosts TV ONE's New Year's Eve special, ONE's Countdown To New Year, at 10.30pm, which takes a look at the big shows, big stories and big events from 2009.

Packed with roving reports and celebrity messages, Gunn and special guests will take viewers on a countdown to the New Year.

Gunn says he's looking forward to giving the county an opportunity to countdown to midnight together.

"It's been a while since we've had an official countdown. In my experience, you're with a few people and you're kind of struggling to tune in to when exactly it is midnight, and by the time you realise, you're about 15 seconds too late."

"So finally this year, there will be a place, where as a country, we can all gather and say 'let's tune in with Jase' - there will be an official countdown, and we can all get there at the same time."

He says it's not until you start looking back at the amazing achievements and memorable moments of the year that you realise a lot has happened in 2009. "From the people that we've lost locally and internationally (sadly), to the winners that we've had as Kiwis, to just incredible moments, 2009 has been jam packed. Plus, there's a few special guests joining us that I'm quite excited about - they appear to be willing to do a few out of the ordinary things."