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Christchurch: From The Streets


About Christchurch: From The Streets

Watch the second series of Christchurch From The Streets on TV ONE tackles the rebuild effort, the dreams of those looking towards the future, and the people innovating around the city to restore it

Four years on from the first earthquakes we ask: what could be- for our people, for our city?

Building on the success of the first series, the second series of Christchurch: From the Streets ,looks to the future. In a rebuild expected to cost 40-50 billion, change is what Christchurch people are collectively learning to embrace. 

Gerard Smyth (award-winning Director of When a City Falls) has assembled a team who are uncovering Christchurch's innovations through the lives of every day people living in extraordinary times. 

From the back of an aging Mercedes, presenters Rachel Morton and Lindon Puffin criss-cross the streets of Christchurch. They pick up a tour guide and along the way meet the dreamers, innovators and engineers who are creating the new city.

In Christchurch: From The Streets, there are six key themes: Welcome to Christchurch, Affordable Housing, the Arts, Children and Young People, the City Centre and, the Future.