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Children's Hospital


About Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital is a reality series based at the brand new Royal Manchester Children's Hospital in England.

This is a total children's health series that will offer the latest in cutting-edge medical science and a wealth of incredible human interest stories.

There will be tears, drama, laughter and hope as each week we meet several families and hear their stories. From the little boy in A&E who has been attacked by a dog, to the twins going into surgery, we are with them and their parents at one of the most dramatic points of their lives. We'll follow children on their journey through A&E as they're diagnosed, examined and treated, right up to the point where they're discharged, with smiles restored to their faces.

The series will be following the brave seven year-old battling a brain-tumour, a teenager learning to walk again after an horrific car-crash, a baby undergoing a series of operations to cure their cleft palate. These life-affirming but emotionally-charged stories will shine a light on the extraordinary bravery of the hospital's young patients, the forbearance of their parents in the most testing circumstances, and the immense skill of the doctors, nurses, surgeons and therapists pulling together to save the lives of their tiny charges.

The series will feature the full range of conditions which can affect children like burns, pediatric surgery, transplants, genetics, plastic surgery, adolescent mental health, intensive care and high dependency.

Capturing all the drama, tension, action and excitement of Europe's largest children's hospital, the series promises to be engaging, moving, and uplifting.