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Cheers To 50 Years


'My favourite moment is...' (part 4)

We asked some of New Zealand's most famous faces about their fondest memories of New Zealand television. 

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Shane Cortese - Shortland Street, Dancing With The Stars, Outrageous Fortune
My earliest television watching memory is watching The Young Doctors in colour when we got our first colour TV in the 70s. I was allowed to stay up late to watch either The Six Million Dollar Man or Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em but never both.

Jennie Goodwin - News at Six
Television was very much a novelty in the early 60's. We didnt have a set in our home, but in 1962/63, my uncle bought one and we used to drive about 4km over to his place every Wednesday night to watch the Donna Reed Show ... my favourite because I thought Shelley Fabares was so young and fabulous and I wanted to be able to style my hair like hers. 

The two families would line up the dining room chairs in the lounge and our family of four and my uncle's of six would sit there with eyes glued to the set, even watching the adverts.  We young cousins would squabble over who would get the front seats.  We'd head off home around 9.30pm, full of dreams of having a TV set of our own, when on most occasions, the gears in Dad's old Vauxhall would jam in first gear and Mum, my sister and I would have to get out and push, with Dad sitting at the wheel! 

We females couldn't drive at that stage, so we were not considered able enough to even steer the car.  It kind of took the pleasure out of the night's TV viewing!

Lorraine Downes - Miss World, Dancing With The Stars winner
My favorite TV moment is John Walker winnning Gold and the 1976 Olympics.

David Wyatt - The Apprentice New Zealand
My old man used to sit down with me as a pre-schooler and watch Playschool. He was a kid at heart himself so every now and again we'd end up trying to make the project of the day. I know TV's a lot more interactive for kids in 2010 but 25 years ago there wasn't a spare cereal box, egg carton or toilet roll in my house and that's an experience I'll never forget - thanks Playschool.

Olly Ohlson - After School
My most favourite moment was after signing 'keep cool 'til after school'. The response was just so amazing.

Brett McGregor - MasterChef New Zealand winner
My fav moment in New Zealand sporting history is easily the 1987 World Cup. Watching John Kirwan run the length of the field against Italy to score...an absolutely thrilling and explosive piece of TV that eventually led to us claiming the first ever Rugby World Cup.
Another would have to be in the 80's, Bob Parker use to host a TV show called Super Sale. I was the most impressed son sitting watching TV long after my parents would usually send me to bed. The fact that they were not home but actually on the screen made television so real, so touchable. My parents won that particular episode and my brothers and I were extremely proud.   

Ross Burden - MasterChef New Zealand
I remember an episode of "It's In The Bag" when a lady refused, I think about $1000, which was a lot in 1979 or so.  Her bag was a bucket of sand and she was devastated as was the audience.  He then revealed she had to get it herself from a beach on Raro.  Holidays were far fewer back then.

I also loved Under the Mountain and still use their concentration technique, "think of a mountain pond being still.  Throw in a pebble and watch the ripples" it works if you can't sleep.

Then again, there's my first appearance on telly on Blind Date but we'll draw a veil....

Kelly Young - MasterChef New Zealand
A memorable TV moment I have had was watching Jonah Lomu smash through wing defence in the 1995 World Cup in South Africa scoring 7 tries in 5 matches. Unfortunately I couldn't be there but TVNZ brought those memorable moments to all Kiwis' homes. I remember mum letting us get up at all hours in the morning to watch the games. 

Julia Bloore - In beTWEEN, Volunteer Power
One of my favourite memories from TVNZ would have to be the 'Goodnight Kiwi'! Everytime I see him these days it reminds me of that warm, safe feeling of being a little kid, exhausted from having stayed up late to watch TV and feeling the freedom of not having to prove how grown up I am anymore because the Goodnight Kiwi has told me to go to bed. And you always do what he says.

Wallace Chapman - Back Benches
My favourite TV moment would have to be legendary Kiwi wrestling show 'On the Mat' in the late 70s.

As a kid I would bounce with excitement when a host on the show Steve Rickard, would decide enough is enough and jump into the ring to 'sort out' Big Mulumba, or Samoan Joe or any of the other wrestlers.