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Celebrity Treasure Island

Episode 4: Farewell Nicky

The episode began with both teams getting used to newcomers (but old Celebrity Treasure Island hands) Matthew Ridge and Nicky Watson. There was much speculation about their potential usefulness - and the problems they might create.

The Terminator Challenge
Joe Cotton woke up, decided it was time to make her mark and volunteered instantly to represent the women in the Terminator challenge. Josh Kronfeld was chosen by the men.

The duo were buried in a coffin with their ankles tied together. They had to untie their feet and push their way out of the grave. Josh went first, and after struggling with the ropes for a while, leapt out of the box covered in dirt.

He then watched in disbelief when Joe achieved the same feat in a much quicker time. With his tail firmly between his legs, Josh then lost the second maths-based challenge too, making Joe the terminator.

"We christened today Joe Day because we didn't know what day of the week it was," said Lana in triumph, happy that the girls had finally won a physical challenge.

Caught in the act
While the girls were still celebrating, Louise gave the boys video footage from inside the coffin. It clearly showed Joe untying her feet before Louise had given her the go ahead.

Joe denied cheating for a while, but when the video evidence was produced she had to admit defeat. Simon got on his soap box and delivered a lecture on morality as a red-faced Joe looked on. Louise agreed to the boys' demands that Joe be stripped of her Terminator status and Josh became the Terminator instead.

"It was good to know I hadn't lost just because I was a gumbo," said Josh afterwards, his male pride fully restored.

The Hangman's Challenge
The Hangman's Challenge was all about food. All 14 castaways had to choose a number -- and eat whatever was on the corresponding plate. Simon was lucky, scoring both an empty plate and a Crunchie bar, while Brent had to spend forever chewing through two dry Weet-Bix.

Jayne Kiely was chuffed with her beer, but some of her teammates didn't fare so well. Lana had to throw back a cup of Tabasco sauce ("It took about five seconds for my brain to register that my entire body was on fire," she said); Wendy choked on her blue cheese milkshake, and Charlotte really struggled with  her three vegetarian sausages.

"This is gross," she said, "but I think you need to know this. I regurgitated twice in my own mouth and swallowed it again."

Caught in the act Part II
While the women used the last of their tuna and noodles, the men are caught on a surveillance camera buying food from a local Fijian. Louise showed the women the video footage and it was their turn to be outraged.

When the boys denied having contraband food, Charlotte said, "Boys and girls, we've just learned a new word on Treasure Island, and that word is hypocrisy."

The women demanded the food and the confiscation of Matthew's air mattress, and Louise agreed. But not everyone was delighted at putting Matthew in his place. Nicky was spotted cuddling up to him at the fence between the two camps.

The Termination
In the boy's camp there was plenty of discussion about getting rid of aggressive Lana. Because of Ian Robert's departure, Josh only had to eliminate one person from the girls' team.

Josh called Lana "overly aggressive" and "borderline offensive" but didn't terminate her. Instead he chose Nicky Watson, saying he didn't like the way Nicky and Matthew spent so much time in each other's camps.

Nicky looked happy enough to leave, but Matthew called it "bulls#*!#", saying "If you're sending her home, I'm going too." While the women cheered, "Go, go, go!", the men told him he was staying, but let him walk Nicky down the beach to say goodbye. How sweet.