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Celebrity Treasure Island

Best Celebrity Quotes

From Episode 1:

  • Brent Todd : "I can't believe we're giving into them, just because they've got bums and boobs."
  • Charlotte Dawson: "You look at the other team, and they're great big athletes. I mean where's their Charlotte Dawson? Where's the weedy, wimpy poof in their team? You know, it's just not fair."
  • Lana Coc-Kroft: "Josh is going to cry on national television, and that really upsets me because I think it's going to spoil his He-man image."

From Episode 2:  

  • Charlotte Dawson: "Putting my face in food is not a habit I have unless I'm really drunk."
  • Lana Coc-Kroft: "When the rain's coming in and you need to get a roof up, you need to be putting your hands in, not putting your lipstick on."
  • Hayley Marie Byrnes: "I watched Treasure Island last year and I' always just wanted to be on it because it looked so cool... I hoped that with Penthouse that I'd get a profile that would allow me to get on Celebrity Treasure Island."

From Episode 3:

  • Joe Cotton: "I've put a lot of dirty things in my mouth but cockroaches have never really occurred to me."
  • Jayne Kiely: "Contrary to what you might believe, Charlotte wasn't going to be any good in the sack."
  • Charlotte Dawson (pointing to her chest): "If I jump, I'll get black eyes."

From Episode 4:

  • Lana Coc-Kroft: "If Nicky can handle Matthew Ridge, she can handle just about anyone. I know underneath his hardened exterior Matthew is a bit of a pussycat, but the tiger that tamed him was Nicky."
  • Josh Kronfeld: "It was good to know I hadn't lost just because I was a gumbo."
  • Charlotte Dawson: "This is gross, but I think you need to know this. I regurgitated twice in my own mouth and swallowed it again."
  • Charlotte Dawson: "Boys and girls, we've just learnt a new word on Treasure Island, and that word is hypocrisy."

From Episode 5:

  • Matthew Ridge (about Lana): "She has been their leader, she's been a hard-arse and she just rolled over. The former beauty queen replaced by a young model. It just wouldn't happen in footy."
  • Wendy Botha (about Charlotte): "If you fell down the toilet, you'd come up with a gold watch."
  • Wendy Botha: "Matty, what a pain you are. You know when you have a tap that just drips all night? You're worse than that."

From Episode 6:

  • Terenzo Bozzone: "I want to be like MacGyver or GI Joe, and hit those balloons and pop them all over the show."
  • Charlotte Dawson: "I'm going to sue my plastic surgeon, I reckon that breast implants stop you from scuba diving. There should be a warning stamped on these breast implants."
  • Wendy Botha-Todd: "Shut up Enzo or I'll punch your head in you little weasel."  
  • Charlotte Dawson: "I'd normally pick the men with the best bodies to look at to stay on, so Toddy you would be out of here."

From Episode 7:

  • Simon Barnett: "I'm really adjusting to being a woman. I might go home a new woman."
  • Charlotte Dawson: "It was really strange, knowing that you're suddenly in camp with a couple of guys and a couple of girls. It seemed like we were on some twisted family holiday."
  • Simon Barnett (after seeing Charlotte scoff down a Crunchie bar): "Even boys don't eat Crunchies like that."

From Episode 8:

  • Simon Barnett: "What's most challenging about this course is that the sand is very undulating."
  • Charlotte Dawson: "If I die Joe, will you look after my puppy dog? And Aja you can borrow my clothes."
  • Simon on bringing food won in a challenge back to Lana: "It was kind of like reporting home  to your mum, like "Hey guess what mum, I got an A school cert."
  • Joe Cotton: "The Aja on the girl's side of the camp was actually somebody that I thought worked. I mean she's kind of cool... I'd hang out with her, you know. But the Aja on this side of the camp, wooooow. Wouldn't touch her with a 10-foot pole."

From Episode 9:

  • Charlotte Dawson: "What did we talk about last night?"
    Simon Barnett: "Your ex-boyfriends. That took about four hours then we went to bed."
  • Simon Barnett: "Don't try and mess with my head, Toddy&. I'll come over and thump him if he hits me and then I'll bang him on the head with his gun, and then fire one up his jacksie."
  • Charlotte Dawson: "You're a good man, you're a man of the Lord, and you know that I need a hairdo pretty soon, so you should consider terminating me and then maybe I'll speak to you again."

From the finale:

  • Joe Cotton: (passing on advice to Charlotte)  "It probably won't work on Josh, but if at any stage tomorrow you are running past Simon, just flash your norks at him. He won't be able to look."
  • Joe Cotton: "If I gave up now it would be almost as ridiculous as the fact I am still on this island."
  • Simon: Barnett: "How often do you get dragged through a lagoon, sharkbait like, behind a big boat with two 160 horsepower motors? I wasn't going to let go unless someone shot me or a shark ate me."