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Meet Joe

NAME: Joe Chicken
AGE: 33
FROM: Kent
OCCUPATION: Occupational therapist
MOTTO:  'Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you aren't, whatever your luck, people still smile if you smile at them'

WHY CASTAWAY:  "I view this is an opportunity for me to experience a unique situation: a testing set of circumstances calling on skills, reserves and initiatives rarely used in modern life."

Joe, a 33-year-old who lives in London, can't wait to be cast away.  A self-confessed entertainer, Joe is spontaneous and enjoys the absurd.

He regards himself as an open, honest and trustworthy man who has a keen sense of ethics. Joe worked for six-years as an occupational therapist with teenagers suffering substance misuse, and then became a pub manager.  He recently returned to occupational therapy. He considers "being able to facilitate change in people and instilling confidence and pride" as one of his biggest achievements so far in life.

Joe's ambition in life is to get his foot on the property ladder and settle down with the love of his life.  A vegetarian and member of a Dolphin society, Joe has great sympathy for animals and environmental issues. As a socialist he admits he "foolishly" believes the world can live in harmony.

Joe is keen to be part of the Castaway team and with hobbies such as kayaking, swimming in the sea and cycling he expects to be able to cope with the physical hardship of life on the island. He considers himself to be pretty fit but admits it's vanity rather than discipline which makes him do 30 press ups a day.

Joe is going on Castaway to test himself but doesn't take the idea of island life too seriously. "I will occupy myself by playing hide and seek, telling jokes, doing treasure hunts and dancing like a donut!"

Did you know?
Joe has often been compared to Alan Partridge.