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Meet Francie

NAME: Francie Smee
AGE: 56
FROM: Oxford
OCCUPATION: Administrator
MOTTO: 'Always look on the bright side of life and try and be optimistic'

WHY CASTAWAY: "I need to feel good about myself, to regain confidence after a divorce, to fulfil a dream of having an adventure."

Recently divorced after 20 years of marriage, Francie has moved to a new home in a new town, started a new job and made new friends. Having previously trained as a nursery nurse in her younger years, Francie now works with a team of researchers in Oxford.

Francie describes herself as tall, bossy, fun and adventurous with a passion for challenges and a love of outdoor life. Her skills include: cooking, gardening, hiking, cycling, DIY, hunting, trapping, fishing and generally learning new skills.

Prepared to try anything once, Francie is determined to feel as if she has achieved something in life. She lists giving birth to her three daughters who are now grown up as one of her greatest achievements and has maintained very close relationships with them all.

Fun and gregarious, Francie says she has a juvenile sense of humour admitting that she favours embarrassing lavatory jokes. She describes herself as being slightly eccentric and has the ability to get on with anyone, particularly young people.

With her no nonsense attitude Francie states that she never gets bored and gets annoyed with people who are not willing to "give it a go". She describes her feelings for Castaway as complete and utter excitement and sees it as a "once in a lifetime experience". 

Did you know?
Francie embarks on a new skill every September.