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Meet Alister

NAME: Alister Cooling (known as Al)
AGE: 24
FROM: Leeds
OCCUPATION: Unemployed writer
MOTTO: 'Shut up and do it!

WHY CASTAWAY: "I feel I have something to say, I feel it important to show all those 'big boned' young people out there that feel bullied and persecuted that there is a place in society for them".

Alister describes himself as a science fiction fan writer.  A self-confessed couch potato Alister lists his friends to be the television, the computer and the Hi-Fi. 

For Alister his imagination is his form of escapism and he often spends a few hours a day pretending to be someone else. He admits that due to his life choices he does find himself spending most of his time alone.

Having been educated to university level, Alister doesn't have a job but instead spends his days writing short stories. His influences are Buffy, Angel and 24. In the past Alister has worked in the mass production of fast food, as a commis chef and as a night porter in a hotel. When returning from island life he hopes to start a dual bachelor course at The American Intercontinental University.

Alister see's himself as a confident young man with a strong voice insisting that he will always make sure his opinion is heard. He admits that he could have some strong leadership qualities although possesses no actual building expertise.

His interests include watching movies, darts and the occasional camping trip to the Lake District.

Alister is hoping that the Castaway experience will give him the opportunity to tap into an inner potential which he is yet to recognise, and, although concerned that he will struggle without the luxury of his computer and television, he is determined to succeed.

He says, "It would be an experience unlike anything else possible for me. It will give me the ability to test myself in ways I never dreamed of."

Did you know?
Alister once dumped a girl by changing his information on myspace.