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Third mobile telco rebrands as 2degrees

Published: 6:46AM Monday May 11, 2009 Source: ONE News

New Zealand's third mobile phone service has rebranded ahead of its August launch.

NZ Communications will now be called 2degrees, paying homage to the closeness of Kiwi connections which are nearer to two degrees of separation than six.

Once the network is launched, customers will be able to choose a new 022 number or keep their current number and switch to the new network.

2degrees CEO Mike Reynolds says most markets in the world have at least three network operators and the launch of 2degrees will bring long-awaited competition.

"There is no other comparable country that has to suffer such poor value in the mobile market and that can be attributed to a lack of a vibrant competitive environment," he says.

"I don't fear them (Vodafone and Telecom) but I respect them...Telecom is going to fight tooth and nail to preserve its position. That's the way it should be."

2degrees has committed over $250 million to the network that will have 97% coverage of New Zealand, and is building a 2G and 3G network.

The company is a consortium of the Hautaki Trust and foreign backers including US communications company Trilogy International Partners.