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Tech world gears up for iPhone 5 release

Published: 10:38AM Wednesday September 12, 2012 Source: ONE News

Apple is set to debut its iPhone5 in San Francisco tomorrow, with techies certain they will see a big leap from the 4S.

Rumours suggest the phone will have a 30% increase in screen size, a thinner screen, and a new dock connector.

According to tech website engadget, this could render many current iPhone accessories obsolete overnight.

As for the release date, engadget expects Apple to stick to its traditional script, shipping its device across the US on the Friday of the week after the release.

"Accurate or not, we don't expect Apple to stray very far from the familiar script," said engadget.

"The company has had five years to practice, and its new iPhone introductions are very nearly down to an artform."

A contributor on Kiwi tech blog TechDay claimed it would hit New Zealand stores on October 9, but neither the source nor the date has been verified.

Rumour mill starts Mini iPad news

Amidst the anticipation for the latest iPhone, rumours have started about a new iPad - the Mini iPad.

With the latest iPad weighing heavier than its predecessor, TechRadar claims Apple may be looking to shed the extra grams with a smaller one.

"As the Amazon Kindle Fire steals the budget tablet show and with more small, cheap tablets coming all the time, such as the Google Nexus 7, Apple may well want a bite of the, well, apple," said TechRadar writer John McCann.

Hot on the heels of the iPhone5 release, the iPad nano is expected to be released "well before Christmas".