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Tech sector sweetening employment deals

Published: 10:49AM Tuesday September 11, 2012 Source: ONE News

The Information Technology sector is leading the rest of the business world in terms of making its workers happy.

Roman Rodgers from Hudson Recruitment told TV ONE's Breakfast this morning that the industry is looking to get the most out of employees, and part of doing it is greeting them with a range of sweeteners on top of what they earn.

"They're not alone, but I think the IT sector has been an early adopter for these types of things, but I think as we see the skills shortage to bide across other sectors, it will become more prevalent," he said.

"Organisations want to see a return on investment, and providing healthy lunches at work has a healthier workforce and people more focussed on doing the job as opposed to being away from their desks."

Free lunches are only the beginning - Rodgers said there are many ways an employer can make themselves an attractive place to work.

"They can offer remote working, where people work from home, they can offer specific contracts which are relevant to the individual, or you can provide a suite of benefits that employees can opt in or opt out of," he said.

"There is a rationale behind it. Some of it's just free benefits, which have no relation to performance within the role, but if you look at some of the things they're doing they're very much aligned to healthy workers - productivity, and getting more from their employees."

He said when staff members take the free lunch, they are more inclined to stay in the workplace during their lunch hour, and even take their lunches back to their desks.

"So you're actually getting more work from them within the given day, as opposed to them going out for an hour."

At the most generous level, Rodger told Breakfast he has seen high performing staff sent overseas, and some employers providing cars.

"When it comes down to it, getting people to join your organisation is one element, getting them to stay is another - and the relationship between the manager and the culture you create is arguably as important - if not more."

He said organisations need to decide "what they want to be famous for", because that will shape the company's brand and in turn, the type of employee attracted to work there.