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Stolen Rum steals bigger share of spirits market

Published: 12:05PM Sunday September 29, 2013 Source: ONE News

  • Stolen Rum (Source: Supplied)
    Stolen Rum - Source: Supplied

Stolen Rum is set to dramatically increase its presence in the Australian market through a distribution agreement with Beam Australia.

The Auckland based spirits company features a world-first coffee and tobacco flavoured spiced rum.

Stolen Spiced infuses Caribbean rum with roasted coffee beans and tobacco flavour. In the US it will be named Stolen Coffee and Cigarettes Spiced Rum but anti-tobacco advertising legislation in Australia means it will launch with the different label.

Co-founder and chief executive Jamie Duff says taking on the Australian rum market, particularly spiced rum, is integral to the brand's future success.

"Lots of NZ and Aussie drinkers have so far responded really positively to Stolen Rum, and this has given us a sense of confidence with our growth and innovation plans," he said.

"Australian drinkers seem to be looking for high quality, unique rum and we're here to provide it. We're aiming to not only be the fastest growing rum brand in the world, but to be innovative and create one of the most loyal fan bases.

Beam Oceania's managing director Steve Inch says they have been working with the Stolen Rum team to expand its presence in Australia due to the brand's impressive growth.

Launched in 2010 in New Zealand, Stolen Rum founders Jamie Duff and Roger Holmes committed to creating a unique range of products different to mainstream rum philosophies.

Australian's spirits market is valued at $5.2 billion.