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Shops warned about Easter trading

Published: 8:30AM Monday March 29, 2010 Source: NZPA

  • Shopping generic (Source: Reuters)
    Source: Reuters

Shops are being warned to obey Easter trading laws this year, after at least 17 retailers were caught with their doors open during last year's holiday period.

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are off limits to traders, with a few exceptions: shops whose main purpose is to provide essential supplies which people in the area or travelling through may need; shops providing food ready to eat; souvenir and duty free shops; pharmacies; and shops in premises where there are bona fide shows or exhibitions.

Garden shops are also allowed to open following an amendment to the law in 2001.

In past years dozens of shops have flouted the law, many opting to pay the $1000 fine in exchange for keeping their doors open.