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Quake-hit Canterbury open for business

Published: 6:18PM Monday September 13, 2010 Source: ONE News

Canterbury business leaders say they want to make it clear that the city is open for business again following last Saturday's devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

It comes after international businesses bypassed some Christchurch-based businesses over worries the city was still in shutdown.

One business in the quake-hit city that had its products bypassed due to the misunderstanding was Gordon's Pickles.

Owner Janice Burnett said businesses like McDonalds and Subway, to whom she supplies, were looking to Australia for their gherkins under the assumption that her business had been destroyed in the earthquake.

Burnett said they had no idea that some of Christchurch was still standing.

Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Peter Townsend said the perception of a destroyed city has become a major concern for the whole business community, as Christchurch remains in a state of emergency.

"It's really important we dispel that perception and really important we engage the community back into Christchurch," he said.

Some businesses struggling

As the days go by following the quake, more businesses are reopening. Of over 1,100 buildings in the CBD that have been inspected, only 81 have been deemed unsafe.

But another 246 buildings have restricted access, which means businesses there are unable to resume trade.