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Budget carrier offering one-yen fares in Japan

Published: 11:40AM Wednesday April 18, 2012 Source: ONE News

  • Jetstar (Source: ONE News)
    Jetstar - Source: ONE News

Jetstar has launched in Japan with promotional one-yen domestic fares and an ambitious plan to "revolutionise how million of Japanese travel".

The new airline, a joint venture between Qantas, Japan Airlines and Mitsubishi, is launching with five domestic destinations and plans to start flying on July 3.

Jetstar Group CEO, Bruce Buchanan, said the success of low fares model in the Asia Pacific region, including in New Zealand, would help redefine the country's domestic travel patterns.

"We were the first low cost carrier to fly to Japan, which gives the Jetstar brand the benefit of incumbency in this emerging domestic market," Buchanan said.

"Our business model is based around sustainable low fares and across the Asia Pacific we've seen the potential this has to unlock new travel demand. This is the start of a far more dynamic domestic market in Japan."

The CEO said Jetstar Japan would be offering normal fares that would be half of what domestic travellers were currently paying on full service carriers.

The airline is still subject to regulatory approval before it can start flying on its planned fleet of three new Airbus A320s configured for 180 passengers.