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Auckland's economic hope pinned on exports

Published: 2:34PM Friday September 14, 2012 Source: ONE News

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Exports are the new focus for Auckland Council as it looks to pump up the region's economy.

In an effort to boost Auckland's role as the "nation's economic powerhouse", Mayor Len Brown unveiled a 10-year roadmap this morning.

Changing from an inward-looking economy to one piggy-backing off the success of thriving international markets, Brown said a global focus will help achieve the goal.

"This strategy guides Auckland in its economic transformation, away from being a domestically-focussed service economy towards a high-value export economy," said Brown.

He said Auckland's trading partners would help drive Auckland's economic growth.

Auckland Council's economic development manager, Harvey Brookes, said the strategy is ambitious.

"They include an average increase of regional exports of greater than 6% per year, average annual real GDP increases of greater than 5%, and average productivity increases of more than 2% annually," he says.

Brookes said the council is looking forward to broadband roll out, the City Rail Loop and moving the Manukau-Eastern transport plans ahead.

The Labour Party said the plan had much merit, but needed support from the Government to be realised.

"There is a stark difference between the council's vision of sustainable growth with 21st century public transport and National's old-fashioned thinking on economic growth, its inability to help exporters and its unwillingness to support public transport," economic development spokesperson David Cunliffe said.