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Burying Brian

Meet Denise (Ingrid Park)

Seemingly quiet and shy, Denise (Ingrid Park) is married to parking warden Warren (Scott Wills) and has four kids under the age of 10.

Denise is the friend all the rest take for granted. She's the group organiser, who gets the girls together for their gossip sessions over a few glasses of chardonnay, and the one who fades into the background. 

Lonelier than she'd ever admit, Denise hero-worships Gerri but has always secretly resented Theresa - her life seems too perfect.

She welcomes the chance to get closer to Jodie - even if it means helping her dispose of her husband's body.  The only trouble is, one day, she's going to want something in return.

Ingrid Park as Denise

Ingrid Park is an actor with an extensive background on screen and stage, including roles in Shortland Street, Street Legal and Orange Roughies.

"I love Denise," says Park. "She's so unpredictable and more fun to play than any other character I've ever been. (And I wanted to wear pink frocks and white cowboy boots. What girl doesn't?) 

"The worst thing was dragging that damn carpet around day after day. Who would have thought you could get carpet burn standing up?"