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Burying Brian

Gavin Strawhan on writing Burying Brian

Burying Brian was devised by Maxine Fleming and Gavin Strawhan, and written by Gavin Strawhan. Gavin reveals the motivations behind his script...

I have some strong, gutsy, close female friends in that age range and I was really attracted to a project that would give me the chance to reflect those women on screen.

They all seem to be married to, or divorced from, or recovering from being involved with a 'Brian' of some sort or other.

So when Robin Scholes suggested that Maxine Fleming and I got together and tossed around some ideas for a female driven, TV ONE mini-series, it seemed like an excellent opportunity.

Maxine had been working on an idea for a stage play about a women in an abusive relationship whose friends help her kill her husband, but we soon decided we'd rather do a black comedy about loyalty and consequences.

I think we decided early on that our heroine's husband should die in the first few minutes and that the rest of the series would be all about what happens next.

And we didn't want to make him particularly nasty or physically abusive; that was too easy. We wanted their relationship to be more about incompatibility and failed dreams and bad decisions; the kind of things a lot of people can relate to.

Our starting point was the question; what are all the things that can go wrong when 'ordinary' women get involved in trying to cover up something as serious as murder? What other skeletons might there be? And how well do you really know the person you are married to?

In this case the answer would be, not very well....

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