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Wednesday May 30, 2007

On the May 30 programme...

Religious diversity
Archbishop David Moxon is a senior bishop in the Anglican Church . Andrew Geard is a councillor with the Association of Rationalists and Humanists . Together they debated the National Statement on Religious Diversity .

Sustainable business 
Dr Eva Collins discussed a report which found sustainable business management is often driven by personal beliefs, rather than consumer demand.

Media review
Media Commentators Russell Brown and Wendyl Nissen gave their views on the the commissioning of political polls by media companies.

Pacific news 
Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver talked about the current situation in Fiji.

Dancing winners
Suzanne Paul and Stefano Olivieri talked about winning the grand final of Dancing with the Stars last night.

Photographer Frank Habicht discussed life in the sixties, and his exhibition of photos from that era. 

Steve Edwards
Musician Steve Edwards spoke about his big break when a BBC radio producer picked up his song One By One, which went on be named record of the week late last year.