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Wednesday March 2

From April 1 motorists will have to pay an extra 5 cents in fuel tax for every litre of petrol. The government says it intends to set aside that money for roading and hopes to raise 2 billion dollars over 10 years, with the largest share going to Auckland. Breakfast spoke to Michael Barnett from the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, the Automobile Association's George Fairbairn and Deane Tetley from Urgent Couriers about this issue.

New research from the Christchurch School of Medicine has found that heavy cannabis use may lead psychotic symptoms in some users. Breakfast spoke to the study's author Professor David Fergusson and Green Party drug and alcohol policy spokesperson Nandor Tanczos.

This morning on Breakfast media commentators Kerre Woodham and Russell Brown looked at the media coverage of the Michael Jackson trial.

Steven Berkoff - the world acclaimed actor, writer and director is here for AKO5 with his one man show Shakespeare's Villains. It opens Wednesday March 02 at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna for more information

In this week's regional round up mayors Jenny Brash from Porirua and Heather Tanguay from Palmerston North give us their views on the impact that a nationwide demand for an across the board 5% pay increase for workers will have on their regions, and Palmerston North City Council's decision to sell carbon credits to the Austrian government.

Breakfast spoke to Caroline Whitfield, founder and CEO of Blackwood Distillers - the first and only distillery on the Shetland Islands off Scotland's north coast. Caroline spoke to Paul Henry about her life on the island and working in a male-dominated industry.

Breakfast crossed live this morning to FIFA's Chief Medical Officer Professor Jiri Dvorak at the Adidas Sports Centre in Glen Innes. Professor Dvorak is in New Zealand to launch "The 11" soccer injury prevention programme. He advises that this warm-up and exercise programme cuts soccer injuries by 30 percent. He was joined by All Whites coach Ricki Herbert who gave a demonstration of the exercises and discussed his new appointment