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Wednesday July 12

Marcel Lauzière is the Deputy Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development. This morning he spoke to Kay about his department's report on living standards in New Zealand, released yesterday. The report can be found at:

Paul spoke to rugby coach Willie Heteraka about this morning's bomb blasts in Mumbai. The New Zealander was close the terror attacks, which have so far killed over 160 people and injured many more.

Hunter Lovins is a business consultant from the US. She spoke to Paul about how she believes that profit and sustainability aren't mutually exclusive.

Paul Henry accepts an invitation to visit Kaeo and see what it's all about. It comes after Paul said the small town was boring. A group of school children takes him on a tour to prove him wrong. 

Media commentators Wayne Hope and Irene Gardiner discuss reality television following John Howard's calls to remove Big Brother from Australian Television.

Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver talked to Kay about a book that details years of New Zealand's brutal treatment of Samoa. The book is called Black Saturday by Mike Field.

This morning on Breakfast, Paul Henry spoke to Australian conservationist and film maker Ben Cropp. Once a legendary shark hunter, an encounter with a whale shark shifted his focus to saving marine life instead. The producer of 150 marine and wildlife documentaries, Ben's now written a book about his adventures with the ocean's greatest predators, called Blood in the Water.

This morning on Breakfast Kay spoke with New Zealand film director Jane Shearer about her film 'Nature's Way'.  It was the only kiwi film to be selected for the Cannes Film Festival this year and will screen at this year's International Film Festival in Auckland on Saturday 15 July. 

This morning on Breakfast Paul spoke to kiwi musician Hammond Gamble about his new album Recollection.  The album features new acoustic versions of his songs and also includes his guitar partner Mike Caen from the days of kiwi rock band Street Talk.