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Wednesday August 31

ACT has just released its prison and punishment policy, which advocates things like hard labour and the removal of voting rights for prisoners.  Paul Henry spoke to ACT leader Rodney Hide about this and his party's fundraising efforts with the help of

A report into the government's drug buying agency Pharmac by independent consultants Castalia, has found that New Zealand is not keeping up with the rest of the world in terms of the way drugs are funded and that a wide ranging review is needed into the way Pharmac operates to make sure it is not focusing on saving money at the expense of patient outcomes.  The report was commissioned by Pfizer.  Kay Gregory talked to the report's author Alex Sundakov and Pharmac chief executive Wayne McNee about the issues raised in the document.

Reporter Tristram Clayton spoke to David Drury from the Muffin Break chain of coffee shops about the return of the "bean" poll. The poll works by encouraging customers to put a coffee bean in a container representing their preferred political party. The poll was used during the last general election and turned out to accurately mirror the true election results. Website:

This morning on the Breakfast Programme media commentators Wayne Hope and Irene Gardiner discussed the prevalence of 'single issue' advertising in print, radio and electronic media by interest groups prior to the general election.

Breakfast spoke to former Labour party president Maryan Street about why she's decided to stand for parliament in the seat of Taranaki-King Country.

Pacific islands Correspondent Barbara Dreaver, joined us live from Tonga, with an update on the islands sixth week of strike action.

This morning on the Breakfast Programme Josh de Jong - who has instigated a new National day - it's called  Random Act of Kindness day on September 1st , author Nigel Cox and Christine Langdon from the Red Cross discussed the virtue of 'charity' - the charitable impulse, compassion fatigue and the effectiveness of giving.