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Tuesday September 14

Kensington Swan employment law expert Susan Hornsby explains the issues involved in the dispute between Cambridge High School and its former principal Alison Annan.

Our public law specialist Mai Chen discusses proposed changes to the Public Finance Act and changes suggested by the Clerk of the House that has seen a controversial clause that would have allowed government departments to withhold information from MP's, dropped.

This morning Ali spoke with music producer Rebecca Caughey and singer Amber Claire about TRIUMPH, a music CD launched yesterday to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Trust. This is the first album to benefit breast cancer research, with all contributing artists donating half their royalties to the Breast Cancer Research Trust. The CD is available from all major music stores.

Francesca Rudkin reviewed the new double album by melancholy songwriter Nick Cave it's cheerfully titled 'Abbattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus' and is out now. 

David Russell from the consumers' institute had some pointers on how to avoid being the victim of a burglar

Bernadine interviewed Pat Cavendish O'Neill about her new autobiography "A Lion in the Bedroom". Pat Cavendish O'Neill's life speaks of wealth, luxury and British aristocracy in the 1930s. Famous figures are listed amongst Pat's acquaintances including Gary Cooper, Fred Astaire and Princess Grace. The autobiography includes Pat's love of African wildlife including a lioness who shared her home.

Paul Henry spoke with Ian Grant from Parenting with Confidence about a new 'time out' centre for stressed out parents the organisation is planning to build in Greenlane. The Growing Great Kids Centre will teach parenting skill s and offer a break for struggling parents from throughout the region. Website: