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Tuesday November 22

Police figures show the number of 111 calls are increasing and it's taking longer to respond to calls in the wider Auckland area.  Deputy Commissioner Steve Long spoke to Kay about this. For more information see

Paul spoke to Professor William Harris from Otago University about Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's decision to leave his Likud party and call a snap election.

Tonight a mokomokai, a mummified Maori head, will be officially repatriated to New Zealand in a ceremony at Te Papa museum. The mokomokai has been in a Dutch museum since 1883. Kay Gregory spoke to Te Taru White, Kaihautu for Te Papa.

Sharon Brett Kelly with the story of  aeroplane enthuiast Gerald Brown - on his 90th birthday at MOTAT.

This morning on Breakfast Music reviewer Francesca Rudkin looked at the latest album from pop superstar, Madonna. 'Confessions on a Dancefloor' is a mix of disco and dance music.

Breakfast spoke with History professor Geoffrey Rice, whose book Black November offers lessons on how NZ can cope should we face another pandemic like the 1918 influenza pandemic in NZ which killed more than 8,500 New Zealanders.

Kay Gregory spoke this morning with David Russell from the Consumers Institute about headlice treatments. For further information see

Breakfast spoke to New Zealand author Paula Morris, author of the award winning book Queen of Beauty.  Paula has recently returned to New Zealand after she was caught up in devastation of Hurricane Katrina and has just released her second book Hibiscus Coast.

Paul Henry spoke to Andrew and Briggita Baker about their new puzzle and boardgame called the IQube. The game was orginally invented 15 years ago when Andrew was a trainee teacher. It is now being commercially produced and has even won a medal at the Parent's Choice Foundation in the USA.