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Tuesday May 9

Breakfast crossed live throughout the morning to Australian Correspondent Michael Holland in Beaconsfield, Tasmania for the final hours in the ordeal of the two trapped miners. Todd Russell and Brant Webb emerged from the mine just after 0800 when they were greeted by a large crowd of friends, family and locals.

Breakfast was momentarily off-air due to a fire-alarm in the building at Television New Zealand.

National MP Nick Smith says he has another example of a budget leak from the govt, this time to do with low interest loans for leaky home owners.  Paul Henry talked to political commentator Chris Trotter about this and the inquiry into the Telecom leak.

Breakfast spoke to Gavriel Philip from Auckland's Phobic Trust about the psychological impact two weeks of being trapped could have on Australian miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb. Website:

Breakfast spoke to the Cusumers institute David Russell about how to save money when paying back your mortgage and also where the organisation is going in the future.

Emma Armitage and Andrew King are two students who've won Royal Society scholarships to a Nasa run "Space Camp" in Alabama, USA. They leave in July. Gary Sparks attended the same camp in 1999.  The Royal Society's webpage is at: