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Tuesday May 18

Shannon Pakura, Child Youth and Family, Acting General Manager of Social Work Operations discusses the criticism that's been levelled at CYF during the NZ Youth Justice conference being held in Wellington this week. Principal Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft has criticised the level of resourcing given to youth justice and recommended setting up a separate department of youth justice to specialise in that area.

Mai Chen is Breakfast's regular public law commentator.  She's with Wellington firm Chen, Palmer & Partners.  She looked today at the Trans-Tasman Leadership forum and the impact it will have on future policy making here.


Highly acclaimed author and philosopher Alain De Botton (whose TV programme, Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness, plays Saturday mornings at 10.05 on TV ONE) appeared on the Breakfast programme this morning and discussed his latest book - 'Status Anxiety.'

Francesca Rudkin reviewed ' Very Short Films' the first ever compilation of music video's out of the Flying Nun stable. It features 41 artists and is released on DVD.

David Russell is head of the consumers' Institute and he spoke about a subject dear to his heart, cooking, and more to the point, cooking knives. He spoke about whether a higher price meant better quality and whether we're putting ourselves in danger if we cut the corner when buying a kitchen blade.  For more go to


Paul McLaney performed a track off his solo album as part of our continuing support for New Zealand Music Month. Paul is also with the New Zealand band Gramsci.

Teacher and author Simon Angelo spoke about his new book Study Success, available at all good bookstores now. The book is the result of many years of research and contains 17 principles that Angelo believes will give students the drive and tools to succeed in school.