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Tuesday June 7

Following the Green Party's conference this weekend Breakfast looked at whether voter support for the minor parties was shrinking this election, and which parties in particular are under threat. Kay Gregory spoke to Victoria University political scientist Nigel Roberts and political commentator Chris Trotter.

In this week's discussion with Prime Minister Helen Clark she spoke to Paul Henry about her recent trip to China and Japan.

NZ Idol auditions start today, but hordes of hopefuls have been lining up overnight. reporter Rochelle Gillespie checked out the contestants.

Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver discussed Fiji Fantastic, a new breed of sheep whose suitability for tropical conditions is making it very popular in the Pacific

The long-awaited new Coldplay album was released worldwide yesterday. X & Y is the follow up to A Rush Of Blood to the Head, and this morning on Breakfast Francesca Rudkin shared her thoughts on the album.

Paul Henry spoke with David Russell from the Consumers Institute about rent-to-buy houses. There's a warning out from the Commerce Commission that people looking to rent-to-buy their home should seek independent legal advice. For further information see

Breakfast returned to the NZ Idol queue, where reporter Rochelle Gillespie got some tips from Idol host Dominic Bowden on what separates an idol from an also-ran.

Kay Gregory spoke to Wellington Parent's Centre head Viv Gurrey and Hudson Consulting general manager Marc Burrage about work/life balance. Viv gave up her role as CEO of a major IT company to set up Parents Centre. Marc is head of a recruitment and human resource company that commissioned a major study into the issue. Website: