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Tuesday June 22

Winston Peters, NZ First Leader spoke on coalition manouverings come the next election, and which party or parties he would be prepared to do deals with.

Public Law regular Mai Chen looked at similarities between the Mike Hosking court of appeal case and a case in Britain between model Naomi Campbell and the Mirror newspaper.

Breakfast's regular music reviewer Francesca Rudkin spoke about rockers Wilco. The band has a new album out it's called ' A Ghost is Born' and it appears to be a harder-edged offering. Francesca also looked at the latest offering from P J Harvey.

David Russell from the Consumers' Institute ( spoke about a win, a warning and some wisdom for consumers.
Waveshield is a company that sold a product they claimed protected you from mobile phone radiation.. it didn't and they were found guilty of breaching the fairtrading act last week.(
ABC Motor group has been fined for the second time for the misleading buyers and one oragnisation has found averting a power crisis is a simple as changing the lightbulbs in your home (

Maria Finnigan the Life Sciences Manager at Auckland Zoo spoke to Alison Mau about the zoo's decision to move its six youngest chimpanzees to a new purpose-built enclosure at Hamilton Zoo.  The chimps will be moved early August to make way for a redevelopment of the orangutan enclosure.

Being an older parent was the focus of today's family segment. Sara Chatwin is a psychologist who spoke about the ups and downs of having your first child in your 40s, while Rosemary Hepozden spoke about her personal situation. She had her son Jacob when she was 41. He is now 7 years old. To get in touch with Sara Chatwin go to