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Tuesday June 12, 2007

On the June 12 programme...

Kiwi dollar
Economist Chris Tennet-Brown and exporter Derek Anderson spoke about the Reserve Bank's move to intervene in the currency market

Economist Sharon McCaw to crunch the numbers over the Reserve Bank's move to intervene in the foreign exchange markets and whether it appears to have so far worked.

In 1999 the former Portuguese colony of Macau was returned to China and, thanks to gambling, the city is booming.  But as reporter Sharon Brett-Kelly found out, the city has much more to offer.

Music review
Francesca Rudkin reviewed Hayseed Dixie and Mavis Staples.

Junk food ban 
Otago University Childhood Obesity Researcher Dr Rachael Taylor explained why she supports the move to restrict what schools can sell in tuck-shops.

Consumer news 
All ready to settle down by the fire with a good beer and enjoy the winter? Breakfast spoke to Sue Chetwin, from the Consumers' Institute, which has tested 32 beers to try to find the best.

Joy Scandlyn, author of Retire Right, talked about saving for your retirement and how KiwiSaver is going to change the way we save.

Phil Edmonds-Rowe from market research company TNS talked about the results of the new Listerine Smooth Mint Dating Survey, and Sasha Maderasz from dating agency Two's Company ( talked about her personal observations of dating trends in NZ, and gave some tips for successful dating.