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Tuesday July 31, 2007

On the July 31 programme...

Child abuse
Maori Party Co-leader Pita Sharples and Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro discussed if and why child abuse is particularly prevalent in the Maori community.

Consumer news 
Sue Chetwin, from the Consumers' Institute, talked about their new website, ConsumerSaver. It's an independent website, set up to help NZ consumers decide which saving provider is best for them.

Music review 
Music reviewer Francesca Rudkin talked about Prince's latest publicity stunt.

Conjoined twins separated 
Waikato Hospital Paediatric Surgeon Askar Kukkady described the operation in 2004 that separated a pair of conjoined twins, for which Dr Kukkady and his team have been nominated for the NZ Health Innovation Awards.

Parenting and relationship expert Ian Grant talked about his new book, Communicate: How to speak well in public and in private.

Montana Book Awards 
Rachael King talked about her recent win at the Montana Book Awards, where she won Best First Book for Fiction for her book The Sound of Butterflies.

Mime artist 
World renowned comedian and mime artist Ennio Marchetto performed for us.