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Tuesday February 28

Former Kiwi Coach Graham Lowe on the Warriors salary cap breach.

Kel Sanderson is the Managing Director of BERL, a privately owned business and economic advisory service discussed the current alarm over New Zealand's trade deficit.

Paul Henry spoke to the Prime Minister Helen Clark this morning.

Paul Henry had a chat with former Kiwi International Dean Lonergan about the Warriors.  

This morning on Breakfast Kay Gregory spoke to Francesca Rudkin about Jose Gonzales.  Jose Gonzales is a Swedish-born singer-songwriter of Argentinean descent who has just released his debut album 'Veneer'.  The song 'Heartbeat' features in a recent television advertisement.

An exhibition called 'Art and the Sixties' from the Tate Gallery in Britain is currently on at the Auckland Art Gallery.

Paul Henry spoke to writer Malcolm Mulholland about his book State of the Maori Nation.

David Russell from the Consumers Institute had a crack at bank fees. From the meanest charge, to the most useless product, to the best tip, David Russell dishes out advice on how to get the most out of your bank. For further information see

This morning on teh Breakfast Programme Kay Gregory spoke to Naomi Moiyama & William Doyle the authors of diet/lifestyle book 'Japanese Women don't get Old or Fat.'

This morning on Breakfast Paul Henry spoke to the frontman and bass player for Finnish dance group 'Bomfunk MCs'.  The group had huge success in 2000 with their single 'Freestyler', which sold in excess of 3million units making it the top selling European single of that year. The Bomfunk MCs are currently touring New Zealand to promote the release of their third album 'Reverse Psychology'.