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Tuesday December 5

Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver spoke to Kay Gregory live from Suva, Fiji with the latest details of the military's takeover attempts, including the mobilisation of troops and the seizing of weapons from police posts around Suva. Then Kay spoke to John McGuiness from Flight Centre about the travel warnings issued for Fiji.

Immigration Minister David Cunliffe will announce the outcome of public consultations on the Immigration Act Review discussion document today, as well as the resulting cabinet decisions for a new Immigration Bill and the Immigration Change Programme.

To mark International Volunteers' Day, Breakfast spoke to Tim Burns, Executive Director of Volunteering New Zealand and Claire Szabo of volunteer organisation ESOL. More than one million New Zealanders contribute around two hundred and sixty million hours of voluntary work each year.

Music reviewer Francesca Rudkin spoke with Kay Gregory about the Christmas music we're likely to be playing on December 25 this year.

Breakfast spoke to Brett Roberts, Innovation Director for Microsoft New Zealand, about internet shopping and the best way to make sure your online transactions are safe.

This morning on Breakfast spoke to David Russell from the Consumers' Institute about what NOT to buy for Christmas - the iRobot Roomba Discovery. It's supposed to be a hands-free vacuum cleaner, but the Institute has found it doesn't really clean at all. It sweeps the dirt around the floor and takes longer to sweep up less dirt than a conventional vacuum cleaner. 

This morning on Breakfast Kay Gregory spoke to two women who know a lot about Christmas decorations. They talked about the latest trends and how to decorate without spending a lot of money.

This morning 'The 8 Days of Christmas' by Destiny's Child was played, which is Paul Henry's favourite music video for Christmas.