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Tuesday April 19

With the share market dropping sharply yesterday following the lead of overseas markets, Breakfast looked at some of the reasons behind the fall and the factors at play in the NZ economy with Simon Botherway of Brook Asset Management and economist Brian Easton.

Breakfast spoke to Mike Florian from the University of Montreal about the trend to toll roads internationally.

Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver joined us this morning to explain a situation brewing between Fiji and Australia. An Australian man was arrested in Fiji and given a two year old jail sentence for homosexual activity. Australia and the rest of the world have condemned Fijis anti-gay laws.

Breakfasts' trusty music reviewer- Francesca Rudkin reviewed the new album from Garbage - Bleed Like Me. Its out now, from all good record stores.

Paul Henry/Kay Gregory spoke this morning with David Russell from the Consumers Institute about chicken kebabs and how to spot which outlets that harbour food poisoning-causing bacteria. For further information see

Breakfast spoke to John Cowan from Parenting Inc and Tina Green from the National Association of OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation Network) about some of issues associated with caring for school aged children during the holidays. They also discussed some of the activity programmes available to kids around the country. Websites: and

And finally on the show this morning - Breakfast crossed live to Snowplanet, New Zealand's first indoor ski slope. The snowdome opened last month in Silverdale, a twenty minute drive north of Auckland. Reporter Tristram Clayton tested the snow and talked to Snowplanet's managing director Christian Dunnwald. Website: