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Thursday September 9

Dr Wayne Hope, a Senior Lecturer Communications Studies AUT and Amanda Lennon, political studies, Auckland University discuss the increasing role of the media  in terrorism.

Kate McKinney from Stardome Observatory talks about the significance of NASA's genesis mission to bring back a sample of solar wind.  The capsule came back to earth overnight, following a tricky helicopter manoeuvre to catch the capsule as it re-entered the atmosphere over Utah in the United States. NASA scientists are hoping to analyse the solar wind and find out if it can reveal any information about the make up of our solar system. For more information see

Richard Poole- the spokesperson for New Zealand's most extensive education website chatted about some of tehoptions and new social trends that have emerged for adults wanting to learn new skills - through tertiary or community based courses. For more information

Francesca Rudkin reviewed 'The Girl Next Door' a naughty new comedy about a geeky teenage boy whose life changes when a former porn star moves in next door. Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert star as the toubled couple.

Health correspondent Loreli Mason outlined the main concerns to emerge from the
Australasian College of Surgeons conference - about radical new surgical

Engineer John Scarry, President of the Stuctural Engineers Society, Dr Barry Davidson and Chairman of the Construction Industry Authority,  John Pfahlert discussed the state of our construction industry and the deregistration of Approved Building Certifiers by the goverment yesterday.