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Thursday September 22

Breakfast spoke to Kay Gregory from Florida as the states along the Gulf of Mexico in the US prepare for Hurricane Rita.

Paul Henry spoke to the 2005 winner of the Tourism Industry awards Rudi Fuhrmann from Kea Campers.

Breakfast spoke with new MP National's Nathan Guy and Darien Fenton from Labour about their indution day at parliament.

This morning on the Breakfast Programme Francesca Rudkin discussed 'The Dukes of Hazzard.'

Breakfast spoke to the brother of American woman Terri Schiavo who died in March this year. The severely brain-damaged Ms Schiavo died after her husband won a lengthy court case to have the feeding tubes which kept her alive removed. Ms Schiavo's family fought the decision and since her death have begun a campaign to fight for others in a similar situation. Website:

In this week's health segment Breakfast spoke to Tim Harding Chairman of the Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association and Graeme Steel of the NZ Sports Drug Agency about the issue of cannabis use and sport.  It follows the year long ban handed out to Fijian rugby player Vilimoni Delasau by the Fiji rugby union.  The NZ Sports Drug Agency says about half of all its positive test results are for cannibas use.

Auckland Museum's 2005 fashion exhibition 'Zambesi: edge of darkness' opens to the public tommorow. Elizabeth Findlay - designer of the iconic fashion label and exhibition curator Peter Shand discussed the venture.

Breakfast spoke to World Mountain Running Champion Melissa Moon about preparations for this weekend's World Mountain Running Championships in Wellington this Sunday.