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Thursday September 2

Detective Inspector Godfrey Watson joins us from Napier with an update on the police inquiry into the shooting of 72 year old Hawke's Bay farmer Jack Nicholas. If you have more information on this please contact the Napier police on 06 831 0700 or free phone 0800 567 789.

Steve Schreiber from the Mountain Safety Council explains the avalanche risk in the South Island and what's causing this year to be so problematic in terms of avalanches. For more information see

Yet another fraud scam has targeted internet banking customers. Clayton Wakefield from the ASB explains what it's doing to make its system more secure and Chris Budge from eCrime explains how you can minimise the risk of being hit by a fraudster.

Dr William Dorfman is a dentist who also works as a consultant to the ABC's Extreme Makeover TV show. He spoke to Alison Mau about the process of teeth whitening, and about appearance medicine generally. His website is at: For information on the procedures discussed contact Henry Schien Regional 0508 650 938.

This morning on Breakfast Francesca Rudkin reviewed 'Dodgeball - a true underdog story. This new comedy star Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn and is a classic geeks vs jocks scenario.

Lorelei Mason - health correspondent discussed the issue of obesity and the fear of needles.

This morning Ali spoke with Lynne Truss, author of the non-fiction bestseller Eats, Shoots and Leaves - the zero tolerance approach to punctuation. Lynne is a writer and journalist who presented a BBC radio series on punctuation. She is currently in New Zealand to present talks in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Tim Beveridge is a New Zealand musician who's recently produced a new album Come Rain, Come Shine. He spoke with Alison Mau this morning about his musical career and performed a song from his new album.