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Thursday October 27

This morning on the Breakfast programme Gareth Morgan of Infometrics and Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan discussed the proposed raising of the official cash rates by the reserve bank.

Breakfast spoke to the Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Alistair Hunmphrey about the nationwide warning about potting mix and compost after its been linked to several cases and a death from legionnaires disease.

Breakfast spoke to international law specialist Professor Campbell McLachlan about NZ Soldier Malcolm Kendall-Smith who faces court martial over his refusal to return to duty in Iraq.

This morning on Breakfast Peter Williams spoke to rugby writer Bob Howitt about a forum on the legendary Originals rugby team of 1905.  Tonight's event is a celebration of the centenary of the first team to be called 'All Blacks'. 

He may have lost the title of NZ Idol to Rosita Vai, but Masterton's favourite son, Nik Carlson, is still very much hot property. He spoke to Kay about his experience on the reality television show, and the upcoming Idolised 05 tour.

This morning Francesca Rudkin reviwed 'Pride and Prejudice' - starring Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew MacFadyen as Mr. Darcy. 

Paul Henry spoke to National Party Leader Don Brash about the reshuffle of the party's shadow Cabinet line up which will be announced later today

Health with TV One Health reporter Lorelei Mason.

Breakfast spoke with Christchurch based first time film producer Lisa Abbot about her film Meet Me Miami being accepted for the Latino Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Bob Larson is a world expert on cults and the occult, an evangelist and an exorcist who has appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live and the BBC. He also shot to prominence in Australia when he performed an exorcist on Aussie TV Presenter John Safran in the TV Series John Safran vs God. Bob Larson is in the country and will be performing exorcisms at various locations - he spoke to Paul Henry this morning. Dates for Bob Larson:  Friday October 28, Cole Theatre Waipuna Hotel, Auckland; Tuesday Nov 1, Wellington Convention Centre; Friday Nov 4, The Aurora Centre Christchurch.   For more information:

Breakfast talked to Rosanna Blong and Davi Jea about their selection as torch bearers for the Winter Olympics.