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Thursday November 4

Paul Henry spoke to American lawyer Michael Weinstock about some of the legal issues that cropped up during voting in the US election, and whether reform of the voting system is likely.

TVNZ political editor Mark Sainsbury's in Washington covering the US election, he spoke to Alison Mau about how voting over there has gone and the latest results.

John Tamihere supporter, Clayton Cosgrove spoke to Paul Henry about Mr Tamihere's decision to resign his ministerial portfolios.

This morning on Breakfast Francesca reviewed 'Before Sunset' the follow to 1995's 'Before Sunrise' by acclaimed director Richard Linklater. The film takes up the story of the life changing meeting of  travellers Jesse and Celine played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy and reunites them nine years on.

Lorelei Mason, Breakfast's Health Correspondent discussed the alarming weight increases here in New Zealand.

Paul Henry spoke to Gloria Drury and Helen Schamroth organisers of Sculpture Onshore, an annual outdoor sculpture exhibition, raising fund for Womens Refuge.
The exhibition boasts over 100 artists and exhibits, and is set at  Fort Takapuna in Devonport. It runs from the 5 - 14th November and is definitely worth checking out if you have a spare hour on a sunny day.  Entry is a $5 donation to Womens Refuge. For more information phone Lenore 486 2617

Inspirational mother of 4, including 2 of her children who suffer from Cystic fibrosis has returned from her Hawaiian Ironman - she took 30 minutes off her personal best time in horrid climatic conditions. Tracey Richardson was the subject of an NBC special on the event and she spoke on Breakfast about her experience - of the race and being the subject of an US current affairs production. Her story will be told on the Sunday - this Sunday the 7th of November.

Breakfast continued this morning with the concession speech by Senator John Kerry and the victory address from the newly elected second term President George Bush.