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Thursday November 24

Camilla Belich from the University Students Association spoke to Breakfast about students who are taking advantage of the interest-free student loan scheme.

Financial commentator and author of Investing Made Simple, Mary Holm spoke to Paul Henry about whether students should take advantage of the interest free student loan system.

Kay Gregory spoke to Professor of Paediatrics at Otago University, Barry Taylor about the issue of childhood obesity and why Otago University has decided it's making that issue a priority.

Reporter Juliet McVeigh spent a day at the Agricultural Championships in Christchurch.  She talked to the participants, young and old, in the mainland's annual event.

Film reviewer Francesca Rudkin looked today at 'Serenity', a science fiction film based on the television series 'Firefly'.  The film stars Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk and is from the writer of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', Joss Whedon.

This morning on the Breakfast Programme Paul Henry spoke to Judy Grieve from the Historic Places Trust, Lisa Tocker form the North Shore City Council and David Coddington from the Victoria Theatre Trust about the future of the Victoria Theatre in the Auckland seaside suburb of Devonport.

Health Correspondent Lorelei Mason talked of the latest email chain letter making the rounds.  The letter claims to give advice to   stroke sufferers and tips to avoid one in the future.

Steve Kline - the wine education manager from the family owned Australian winery Brown Brothers discussed his passion for wine and the art of matching wine with spicy food.

Breakfast crossed live this morning to Ohakea army base where a military exercise was underway. Army personnel were undertaking Exercise Silver Warrior, a mock protest based on a civil war outbreak on a pacific island. Captain Rowan Wallace from the NZArmy spoke to reporter Jennie Matuszek about the army's capabilities.

This morning on the Breakfast Programme acclaimed  writer and filmmaker Peter Wells chatted about his latest work called 'The Cats' Whiskers' and is all about New Zealands writers - and their cats.